…you never discipline your children in front of anyone because you know how embarrassing that can be


…you don’t make your children dust furniture or take out the trash because you don’t believe in taking advantage of your children, just because you can


…you overlook their back-talk because you are trying to teach your children the lessons of patience and perspective


…you request that your children be added to all your charge accounts so they will “never leave home without them”


…you overlook your missed birthdays and Mother’s Days because your children have lives of their own and shouldn’t be weighed down with the mere civilities of the olden days


…you leave your money and worldly goods to the cat shelter down the road because everyone knows "a cat would make a better mother..." and it's your job to make sure she has the bankroll to carry on

You're a Good Mom If...



With apologies to Mr. Foxworthy, we moms need a pat on the back once in a while, and are therefore going to adapt his signature presentation style to get it.


So, without further adieu…


You’re a Good Mom If…


…you lick your childrens’ plates clean so they will bear no guilt about those poor starving people overseas


…you overlook the eye-rolling because you realize your teen is growing and it takes a while for their eyes to find dead center


…you allow them to text with their friends during Thanksgiving dinner because you realize their friends are far more interesting than you


…you retire no later than 8 p.m. so your kids can enjoy that invaluable “me-time” they need so badly


…you offer to bankroll all their friends’ shopping trip to the mall so no one feels left out








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