Ivy Nook Village begins at the edge of a green glade where butterflies and crickets perch on the rocks below a cascading waterfall. The villagers are folks, just like you and me, who landed here from many places and have nowhere else they have to be. They are related by a loneliness for real people whose lives are genuine; sometimes joyful, sometimes not. Time here is vague, measured by when you show up for dinner and when you awaken in the mornings. Everyone works at something, yet nothing seems to change. The fashion is to be who you are and not what you own. Parents teach and children learn, although sometimes it works the other way around. If you feel at home, don't be frightened. This is where you live in those warm, cozy dreams beneath featherbeds with winter's breath blowing through your opened window.

There is always a road in, but few choose to leave.


Meet the characters first and then the stories will begin.

Welcome to Ivy Nook Village.


Hopefully you've taken some time to get to know some of the residents in town. This helps to make the following stories make sense.


Now, the stories will begin...check back often.



The Note


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