It's the time of year when we count our blessings and look forward to the future. It seems only right that in the spirit of the season we should also forgive others so that we can move forward, as can they. Therefore, I thought I'd take this opportunity to do the right thing and let bygones be bygones.




To Mary - I forgive you for jumping off the high side of the teeter-totter in third grade recess, thereby causing the board to slam to the ground on my side and knock the wind out of me. I hated you for a long time for that...which is why I gave you an "F" when we exchanged coloring pages for grading later that year and why you found sand burrs in your tennis shoes.


To Louise - I forgive you for sitting on the cross bar of my mother's clothesline pole all that July afternoon rhyming my name with all those unflattering words. I suppose I should admit that it was me who black-balled you from joining our neighborhood girl's club and I did kick your prized steely into the flowerbed when we played marbles a couple weeks later. I knew it was in there all winter long and waited until you went on vacation before I dug it out and buried it in the backyard.



To Stevey - I forgive you for saying you had a crush on me and telling all the kids you kissed me when you and I both know I couldn't stomach anyone who had that much wax in his ears. I always did think you were dumb, too.


To Debbie - I forgive you for choosing Vicki over me to be on your softball team even though we both know I was ten times the batter she could ever hope to be and that it was only because you wanted to borrow her new Barbie that you picked her. I didn't do anything to get back at you...your punishment was having Vicki on your team.


To my brother - I forgive you for loosing that blue racer snake on me, letting it chase me to the house and bite my ankle as I slammed the kitchen door. And as a result, snakes are the source of my worst nightmares. You...are still gonna get it.


See there? Now I feel so much better. That catches me up all the way to the fourth grade, and Dorey, you'd better be glad I've stopped here.

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